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Student of the Month!

At Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio, students strive to do their best in their piano learning: they participate in the festivals, competitions, Certificate of Merit program, learn music theory and fulfill their technical requirements. So, to encourage and praise the ones who work especially hard, we will now have a Student Of the Month nominations by teacher. Check out the list of our recent winners!

Stacy Moroz has passed her CM Level 5 theory exam with the highest score: 95%, and will be working hard on her Level 6 during the summer time.  With the beginning of the new school year Stacy will be ready to start Level 7.  Good luck, Stacy!


Even though Jenny and Danny Rosenblit have had their house under remodeling, and for a few months had to live in a temporary place with just a tiny electronic piano, persisted with their piano practices through all these month, and are now happy to be back to their new and improved house and a 'real' piano, with no time lost!  Thank you guys for being so dedicated to music!


Angelika Tsymbler is one of our most dedicated and hard working students.  She never gives up, and follows teacher's written assignment right on the dot!  This helps in getting even the most difficult technical and musical tasks done right.  Good job, Angelika!


Sara has been consistently improving during the last few months, and is taking a Level 4 CM exam this year.  Next year, if she continues her steady improvement she will be ready to jump to Level 6!  Good luck, Sarah!  


Student of the Month for December: Linghao Kong!

So far, Linghao is the only student, who'd taken two 'mock' theory CM tests, with the results of 96% and 97%, respectively.  Great job, Linghao, congratulations on the excellent theory knowledge! 




Student of the month for November: Irina Paykov!

Irina has won an honorary Certificate at the Classical Festival of the MTAC Irvine Branch.   She performed Fantasia in d minor by Mozart, and though she was a bit nervous, had played very musically and with 'technical vigor'.  Good job, Irina!



Students of the month for October: Edward Mostaghimi and Brandon Lee! 

Edward has won the First Place at the Romantic Festival of the MTAC Irvine Branch. He performed Nocturne in c # minor by Chopin.  This is what one of the judges wrote in his evaluation:  'Beautiful, romantic sound, just as Chopin ment it to be!'

Brandon has won the Second Place at the Romantic Festival of the MTAC Irvine Branch. He performed a very difficult piece - Notturno by Edvard Grieg, and played 'beautifully, with a lot of feelings' as one of the judges put it. 

Congratulations, Edward and Brandon, job well done!



Posted on October 24, 2011

It seems that school year has just began, but here we are, almost at Halloween time!

So far, we've had two exciting events, and many more are coming up really fast!

Romantic Festival was held last weekend, October 15-16.  Inessa Khurgel studio had four students performing, and I am happy to report that all four won trophies and medals!

Congratulations go to:

Audrey Lim - 1st place (age category 6-10),

Irina Paykov - 2nd place (age category 15-18),

Stacy Moroz - 3rd place (age category 11-14),

Sarah Raykhman - 3rd place (age category 11-14).  

Last weekend, Irvine branch of MTAC also held its first MSSL (Music Students Service League) recital, where four of our students shared their music performances with elderly folks at the retirement home (Inn At the Park, Irvine). For three of them, it was their first recital of this type, so it must have been nerve-racking!   All went well though, so congratulations to all participants!  And please remember: the more you play in front of other people, the less nervous you will be! So, go ahead and perform for your family, friends and neighbors - before you know it, you will not be nervous any more! :)

Upcoming events in November include: Classical Festival, another MSSL recital and registration will be begin for the Certificate of Merit Exam and CODA exam.

Here is a funny (but so true!) diagram...  Enjoy!