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'Studio Where Vision and Passion Come Together'


Studio PhotoIK Piano Studio Philosophy

The Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio was founded on the belief that formal piano instruction in childhood is a gift that will bear fruit throughout one’s lifetime. The unique enjoyment that comes from music appreciation provides enrichment and pleasure for years to come.

The fleeting and precious years of childhood and adolescence, when auditory, learning and emotional development is at its optimum, represent   an excellent opportunity to properly introduce the art of music. Parents who recognize this phenomenon, and encourage musical growth in their children, will be rewarded by watching their child develop into a well-rounded and musically literate adult. Music will beautify, encourage and inspire the youthful learner through his or her life. The skills obtained through proper music training; such as patience, persistence, appreciation of human expression, in addition to the stimulation of purely intellectual abilities such as improved memory, reading and math skills, poise and self esteem, will serve the child in numerous capacities for decades to come, regardless of his or her future endeavors.


Why Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio?

With more than 20 years of piano teaching experience in U.S. and Russia, Inessa is in a perfect position to complement two excellent but very different approaches to piano instruction. Her studio combines the Russian method with emphasis on technical, in-depth, and well-rounded, teaching  of a strictly classical repertoire with a more lively, stylistically diverse, and 'user-friendly' approach, accommodating for students of different walks of life. 

At Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio, we strive to assess each child individually, and take into consideration the age, maturity level, individual traits, family history and personal goals of the family in determining the approach and repertoire which fits him or her best.       

The goal of Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio is to produce a graduate who will make music his or her companion for life. This relationship might manifest itself in many different ways; an ability to perform beloved music for oneself, or friends and family, the ability to improvise and play 'by ear', and the desire to enjoy music in concert halls and through various media.

Only few might become professional musicians, but  everyone who comes to the studio will become a music lover for life.


Studio Information:

Who: children ages 5 - 18; adults

What:  Individual classes in Piano Performance, CM and AP theory, (weekly; semi-weekly; bi-weekly);

Ensemble performance (2-6 people, one to three pianos);

Summer and Winter Camp classes including: music appreciation, theory games, sing-along, ensemble playing.

Group Classes in Music Theory and Music History (monthly year-around, weekly before the December-January and in Summer time).


Theory Classes:

At Inessa Khurgel Piano Studio, we consider music theory a very important tool in learning proper piano performance.  It is offered in the following categories:

  • Basic Keyboard Theory (Levels 0 through Advanced);
  • Accelerated Music Theory for CM Exam;
  • Advanced Placement (AP Theory) for High School Exam;
  • ABRSM (the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Music Theory and Ear Training Exam.


Fee Schedule:

Recently, a new Tuition Averaging System (TAS), which simplifies the way you pay monthly tuition, has been implemented at the studio. It allows parents to pay equal monthly amounts, unrelated to how many weeks/lessons are in a certain month, and is based on a simple concept that from September 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018 (10 months) student will be given 40 lessons, with no lessons on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter weeks. *MONTHLY TUITION amount is payable at the first lesson of each month.

 Private Lesson Monthly Tuition (in effect September 2017-June 2018):

  • 30 minute class - $180 
  • 45 minute class - $250
  • 60 minute class - $320
  • 75 minute class - $390
  • (*July-August 2018 tuition is based on per-lesson fee; $120 one time hold-place fee charged for 2-months summer absence)
  •  *Sibling discounts are available.

Group Lesson Tuition:

Piano Ensemble (1, 2, or 3 pianos, 2 students minimum; theory, music appreciation  - 3 students minimum)

  • 1/2 hr - $20.00
  • ¾ hr   - $25.00
  • 1 hr      - $30.00

 Performance opportunities in 2017-2018: 

-Studio recitals: 

  • End- of-the-Summer Recital and Ice Cream Party (mid-September);
  • Winter (Holiday) Recital (mid-December);
  • Spring Break Recital and Pizza Party (mid-April);
  • End-of-The Year Formal Recital and Award Ceremony (mid-June)   

-MTAC Irvine branch Festivals 2017-18:

  • Romantic Festival (October 21-22);
  • Classical Festival (November 18-19);
  • Baroque/Bach Festival (February 11);
  • Contemporary Festival (May 19-20)

-Other MTAC Irvine Events:

 Jr Ensemble Festival, Scholarship Competition, Monster Festival, Branch Honors Recital, Adult Workshop, Composers Today Recital.  *For dates and more information, please feel free to talk to the teacher.

-Music Students Service League (monthly recitals at a local retirement home); see the Calendar for recital dates.  Students receive a Certificate and a community service credit of 5 hours.;


Certificate of Merit Exam Schedule:

Theory - February 24, 2018;

Piano Performance - March 3-4, 2018

Inessa Khurgel Studio students have an outstanding record of performance at the Certificate of Merit (CM) exam, with high grades in all subjects: theory, sight-reading, ear training and repertoire performance.  They have been invited to participate in Honor Branch Recitals and MTAC Convention Recitals.  For more information about the CM exam please visit:


Studio is conveniently located off of 405 FWY in the University Park neighborhood of city of Irvine, near four award-winning Irvine schools.

Address: 16 Wintersweet Way, Irvine, CA 92612