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What Parents Say

...Ms. Inessa not only teaches how to read and play music, but she also teaches her students how to appreciate beauty of the sound. Her repertoire includes traditional classical pieces as well as unique works by modern composers. She is able to engage her students in a fun and challenging way...

Alexander R., Sarah's father.


My daughter started piano lessons with Ms. Inessa when she was 5 years old; now she is 10. I’m very pleased to see how my daughter’s piano skills developed gradually over the years, and continue to develop now. My daughter loves to go to her piano lessons: Ms. Inessa has truly taught her how to enjoy the music she plays. 

Natasha T, Angelika's mother.


My son Martin is not a very patient boy, so when we started his piano lessons with Ms. Inessa, we were wondering how long he would last. It’s been three years now, and we are happy to see that with the teacher’s help and patience, he actually enjoys his piano playing, loves his lessons and has grown a lot in his piano studies. He especially likes to play jazz. Thank you, Ms. Inessa! 

G.N., Martin’s mother.


Before we came to Ms. Inessa, we had tried several teachers who were excellent in all regards, except none of them was able to connect with my son. Ms. Inessa’s patience and warmth, and her confidence in my son’s abilities have brought the best out of him. Long gone the days when piano practice and lessons were a frustrating chore for my son and us, his parents; we now look forward to every hour of practice and to every lesson with Ms. Inessa. Ms. Inessa has transformed Eddie from a reluctant piano pupil to an appreciative young musician, and his parents from a dreaded “piano police squad” to a proud and most loyal fan base of our son, who absolutely thrive under Ms. Inessa’s caring mentorship.

Inna L., Eddie's mom


Since the time our daughter started taking music lessons from Ms. Inessa 4 years ago, we always saw unbelievable "student progress"/"teacher patience" balance - based upon an individual connection Ms. Inessa and Irina developed. As a result, Irina made a huge leap in her musician skills and transformed from just a child interested in music, into a person who is not only seriously in love with music, but also composes her own interesting music.

Sergey P., Irina's  father.